1. Jeannie (Weannie)

    When I saw the video of the woman newscaster I knew immediately that she had either a stroke or TIA. I read some of the responses from people and I was appalled! Some thought it was funny and another person said that she did it purposely to attract attention for ratings! Unbelievable!! Some people or so ignorant or stupid that its scary!

    • Carol Anne

      I hadn’t seen it until today. I was purposely avoiding it for fear that it would upset me. I was right. It brought back those terrifying minutes in a vivid and unsettling way. I hope she’s okay. How are you doing?

  2. Angel

    regarding Serena Branson:

    the thing that struck me was how she looked like she was shocked by what came out of her mouth…it was brief and fleeting, but there is that slight glimmer of “WTH???” in her eyes, and then it’s replaced by fear and anxiety.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like


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