1. Rachel Rogers

    This is such a true testament to kindness. It does your heart good to know that there are still people like Martino out there in the world. He wanted to make sure that you were comfortable. I would hug that man to pieces if I saw him!! I love you my sweet sweet glitter sis and I can’t wait to see pictures!! You are beautiful inside and out!!

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Rach! He really truly blew me away. You know it was the end of the day, he’d been in CA for 9 days and was just back, you know hairdressers are on their feet all day and he was just as nice and as thoughtful as a human being can be.

  2. Bella Versace

    It amazes me how everything has a silver lining. The suffering you’ve been enduring opened a window to see the kindness that the human heart can offer. I can’t wait to see your new wig!

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