1. Angel

    butButBUT…puppies make chasing your tail look like ~so~ much fun

    I used to be a diehard *what Not to Wear* watcher…but after too many episodes, I realized they (Stacy & Clinton) were making carbon copies each week. Every woman looked exactly the same when they got done with her. I adored Nick Arrojo, though. He seemed to intuitively know exactly how a woman would look her very best. I would trust him carte blanche with my hair. I don’t like the new guy they have. He contributes to the cloning of each woman. I have stopped watching.

    But, like you, I got the point where I was angry watching the show. Who the heck appointed Stacy London the Queen of What is Cool anyway? Like only things *she* finds worthwhile are actually worthwhile. I’m all for guiding someone to be the best they can be but not at the expense of taking away their personality and individuality.

    • Carol Anne

      You know I feel this way about MTV’s Made too. I use to love this show and desperately wanted them to do a grown up version so I could learn to be a columnist. But then in one episode they had a girl who was very good at drawing cartoons & anime and they made her put it away because it didn’t fit with the new image they were giving her. *shakes head* Seriously. Are they really saying that the hot popular chicks aren’t smart or talented? Way to keep the pretty girls useless MTV. Someone should tell these poor kids (boys and girls) that if the people you are seeking acceptance from need you to change who and what you are they are not worth your time. It’s sad. Science isn’t allowed to clone humans but society beat them to it years ago. Sad, so very very sad.

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