1. SC

    Unbelievable. Opposite sides of the world and yet the same experiences. My cry of the year was “no one ever calls you back anymore!” I then discovered no one ever contacts you- via email or phone. Queries on websites seem to get lost on the super highway and messages never get taken down or forwarded on. If this is what is now the norm, it’s exhausting.

    • Carol Anne

      It really is unbelievable. I just don’t understand it. When I worked for the magazine and companies sent us product for giveaways I always made sure to e-mail them when the product arrived and sent handwritten thank you notes with a copy of the issue the giveaway ran in. It didn’t take much time and when they have giveaway product they thought of me. I guess the places that don’t bother to reply don’t want my business. *looks astonished*

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