1. Michele

    I had no idea! But I was wondering where you went.

    I’m glad you are home & recovering. Much love & prayers to you.

    You help me alot & now I give it all back to you.

  2. Roe Minchin

    I prayed for you every day and so thankful that all those prayers were indeed answered. As teens we shared so many things together and as adults we shared in each other’s weddings etc. I hope that the future holds many more memories for us to share as friends. When you and Chuck are ready I would love for you to meet George as I have said before so maybe we can all go out to dinner sometime. I would love that. As we have learned life is too short to keep putting things off. You had emailed me that weekend telling me your plans of pumkin picking etc and that you were headed to Cape May on Monday. Then Monday came and I had an email from Chuck informing me you were in the hospital and about to undergo surgery and to pray for you. I was in shock. You are a very special person. I continue to pray for you every day. I love you dearly and treasure every memory we have together.

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